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Last year, through my old friend, Uzuhiko Ashizu of Munakata Shrine in Fukuoka,
I got to know everyone at Imagine One World. Under the name of KIMONO PROJECT, they are working to deliver a message of peace and friendship to the world through kimonos made in Japan with the image of each country.
KIMONO from San Marino was asked for advice and joined the design decision process. We also obtained the consent of our home country for the motifs to be adopted.
I am looking forward to having the kimono for this project.
Kimono is a Japanese tradition and culture. Foreigners are very fond of kimono, and I myself am a fan of beautiful and historical kimono. I also love traditional Japanese culture, so I am also the head of the diplomatic corps, and I sincerely support their activities not only with KIMONO in San Marino but also with volunteers.
We pray for the completion of KIMONO and the success of the project in all 207 countries around the world.


Manlio Cadelo

Manlio Cadelo

Diplomatic corps leader in Japan

Ambassador of the Republic of San Marino


Naoko Takahashi

Naoko Takahashi

Sydney Olympics

Gold medalist

Sports caster

When I learned that there is a project that is trying to connect with the world by incorporating and expressing the individuality and characteristics of various countries in "KIMONO", which is a traditional culture that represents Japan.
What a wonderful challenge! My heart fluttered.

Even if the land, culture, and customs where I was born and raised are different, now in this same era,
If people living on the same earth can understand and respect each other,
How wonderful the world will be opened.

As a Japanese person, I hope that beautiful kimono will become a bridge to the world and create an irreplaceable bond.

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